Anthony Ybarra

Custom Tattoo Artist

Lets start here at the Flesh Chamber. We have a great crew with tons of ability and pure talent.

I have been drawing as far back as I can remember. During middle school days is when I really picked up a heavy interest in tattooing, aside from the fact that I received my first 2 tattoos when I was in 3rd or 4th grade.

I grew up in Phoenix till I was 14, and things were a lot different here. I used to watch my Uncle Joe tattoo my step-dad Tom once in a while when we lived in AZ. My Uncle picked up the trade from the states correctional facilities. So after we moved to Wisconsin is when I came across my uncles home made machine. It looked pretty sloppy but the function of it was simple and logical, so I built my own tattoo machine. I was in about the 7th 0r 8th grade period of my life. There wasn't a big demand for tattoos nor was I skilled enough with this home made contraption to be exact and precise. However I also new my limit. If the task seemed out of my skill level, I had no problem refusing the job. I basically tattooed peoples initials and stuff like that with all my home made equipment.

About 4 or 5 years later I started working a factory job on the 10p-6a shift. This is when I met Ricky Dean, he was my supervisor, and became friends. Rick wanted me to cover-up a tattoo he had and I told him that my equipment was to shifty to accomplish the job. I knew I could do the cover-up, but I was lacking the proper equipment. Rick took his bonus check and bought my first "professional" tattooing equipment. It was awesome. My ability was released. When my friends heard I was getting professional equipment, I had plenty to keep me busy. If it wasn't for my friends, my ability wouldn't have spawned fast. By doing home made tattoos in the beginning taught me how to control the needle. Now I had to learn how to shade and color properly. This didn't take long at all. I had already been an artist my whole life, so applying my artistic ability to tattooing took some adjusting. I tattooed with professional equipment but not professionally for about 4 or 5 years.

I started professionally at Wicked Ink in Neenah. I spent 3 years there, 2 at another and then opened the Flesh Chamber.

We started with a fresh name because none of us wanted to work under a common recognized name. We were three owners that had the same ideas. We wanted to offer top quality tattooing and piercing at prices that the public could afford. We have bills that need to get paid just like any other responsible person. That's probably one of the things that irritates me the most, when people come into our studio and want something for nothing. We have a "shop minimum" to cover the cost of just setting up, new needles, sterilizing the equipment used, new razor, paper towel, cups, ink caps, ink, so on and so forth. There is allot that goes into a tattoo aside from the supplies. Such as figuring out what you want to start out with, size, placement, colors.

Then bring your ideas to me and I'll put them on paper. As soon as we get everything on paper 100%, we make the appointment and get you scheduled in. We as a studio use top quality products, not the cheapest. This is why we offer free touch-ups. We stand by our quality and the quality of our pigments for life.